Sensory Garden

LNC's sensory garden is specially designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all visitors, including those with physical challenges. It provides a variety sensory opportunities. Stop by and enjoy the wonderful sights, scents, and textures nature has to offer!

We hope you will stop by and see what lovely tributes the Legacy Bricks currently installed along the perimeter of the Sensory Garden walkway are.



The Louisville Nature Center along with the Jefferson County Master Gardeners Association are selling LEGACY BRICKS to raise funds for LNC, Jefferson County Master Gardeners Association and for Sensory Garden upkeep.

This is a perfect way to acknowledge a special person, family, group or create a memory for someone who is no longer with you. Stop by our Sensory Garden and see what a lovely tribute these bricks are.

The cost of the bricks are $100.00 and each brick will include up to three lines of engraving with 15 characters per line.
Thanks to everyone that purchased bricks for 2016.
They have all be installed and look great.

Bricks are still available to order. They will be installed in the Spring of 2017.
Legacy Brick for Sensory Garden Order Form 
Phone # or email*
Name and address for a memorial donation acknowledgement
There are three lines of engraving, 15 characters per line (spaces count as on character). Please Print*

Once you submit your order form you will be directed to our Paypal page. This may take a few seconds. Thanks.

Thank you for your support of the Louisville Nature Center and the Sensory Garden.

For information, call LNC at 502-458-1328

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